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    Art & meaning in videogames
    Crago, Thomas Matthew ( 2018)
    This practice led interdisciplinary research explores intersections between videogame design and technology, the creative arts and philosophy. Through the development of a new interactive art work the project brings together practitioners in the visual arts, experimental music and gaming technology to develop new modes of virtual representation. Framed by specific philosophical concepts the research project opens up possibilities for the re-imagining of videogames as durational and interactive processes of self-actualisation and reflection. My research and creative practice concerned the collaborative development of a work that is ‘something like a videogame’. My intent was for the work (hereafter ‘Materials’) to uniquely and constructively explore interconnections between philosophy and art while remaining foremost a work of interactive entertainment. Materials sits notionally within the emerging genre of ‘art games’, but seeks to differentiate itself by virtue of a considered philosophical agenda and an entirely novel and multidisciplinary approach to the process of game development: an approach that has seen the work of ‘fine artists’ curated into end product. It was exhibited at the inaugural National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Triennial, and its presence in a major institution as part of a large public show renders it further distinct, and offers up additional research and analytical potentialities. The work and research explored in this thesis shows that it is possible to blend talent and concepts from the seemingly disparate fields of videogame development, philosophy and art, to produce an experience that resonates with a broad audience.