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    Writing dialogue: stance, space, and emotion
    Baka, Mischa ( 2018)
    Writing dialogue: Stance, space, and emotion is a practice-led research project completed in 2017 at the Victorian College of the Arts. The thesis comprises of the screen play Dance Drama and a dissertation. This dissertation will explore how energy can be valuably conceptualized as residing within a writer’s body before becoming dialogue; how dialogue can be imagined within the framework of John W. Du Bois’ ‘stance triangle’, so that its power and subtlety can be developed; and how employing concepts proposed in the paper ‘How Emotion Shapes Behavior’ can inform characters. The accumulation and interpretation of these concepts aims to inform an imaginative process that places dialogue at the centre of writing a screenplay. The process is modelled to convey the power and utility that dialogue can possess in life, art, and film.