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    A Study of Aggregated Speed in Road Networks Using Cellular Automata
    ZHANG, L ; Shiri, S ; Garoni, T ; Was, J ; Sirakoulis, GC ; Bandini, S (Springer, 2014)
    Several recent works have focused on studying the relationship between the aggregated flow and density in arterial road networks. Analogous studies involving aggregated speed appear not to have been yet undertaken, however. Here we study and compare such relations for arterial road networks controlled by different types of adaptive traffic signal systems, under various boundary conditions. To study such systems we simulate stochastic cellular automaton models. Our simulation results suggest that network speed could be used as a surrogate for density, due to a strong anticorrelation between these two network observables. Since speed estimates can be more easily obtained than density estimates, e.g. from probe vehicle data, this suggests that Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams relating aggregated flow with speed might be a practically useful alternative to those relating flow to density.