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    Learning arithmetic blocks: a concrete model for teaching decimals
    Archer, Shona ; Condon, Caroline ; STACEY, KAYE ; STEINLE, VICKI ; McCarthy, Heather ; Helme, Sue ; Sullivan, Gerard ; Tromp, Calvin (Department of Science and Mathemtics Education, 2006)
    This booklet is an introduction to using the LAB model with your students. It outlines a number of activities using LAB to assist students in gaining an understanding of the decimal number system.
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    Lesson ideas and activities for teaching decimals
    Condon, Caroline ; Archer, Shona ; STACEY, KAYE ; STEINLE, VICKI ; Scott, Nick ; Helme, Sue ; Sullivan, Gerard ; Tromp, Calvin (Department of Science and Mathematics Education, 2006)
    The Department of Science and Mathematics Education has produced this booklet to assist teachers with students learning to work confidently with decimal numbers. It contains many classroom activities that will motivate and engage students making the teaching and learning of decimals both enjoyable and effective.