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    The effects of coupe level timber harvesting on the home range dynamics of the swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) in the Pyrenees State Forest, Victoria
    Greenfield, Andrew ( 2005)
    The effects of coupe-level timber harvesting on the swamp wallaby was investigated using home range dynamics and habitat selection as an indicator of the extent of the impact. An MBACI design incorporating five control sites and one impact site was used as control for background variation. The results indicate that there were significant changes in the home range size, home range overlap and the geographic centre of location. However, there was no significant change in the centre of activity. Harvesting only appeared to affect animals that had their home range directly on the coupe. The affected animals showed two responses to harvesting. They either increased their home range size or moved away from the coupe altogether. Those animals that did not use the coupe showed little change in home range dynamics. In selecting habitats, the wallabies showed a preference for old burnt forest and forest habitat rather than the harvested area and new burnt forest created by the timber harvesting.