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    Managed DC power reticulation systems
    Morton, Anthony Bruce ( 1999-11)
    Electric power engineering, as it applies to low-voltage power reticulation in buildings and industrial sites, is ripe for a ‘paradigm shift’ to bring it properly into the Electronic Age. The conventional alternating-current approach, now over a hundred years old, is increasingly unsatisfactory from the point of view of plant and appliance requirements. Alternative approaches can deliver substantial cost savings, higher efficiencies, power quality improvements, and greater safety. Power reticulation systems in the future can be expected to differ from present systems in two key respects. The first is a greatly increased role for direct current; the second is the augmentation of the power system with a wide range of ‘management’ technologies. Combining these two trends, which can already be observed today, leads to consideration of ‘managed DC’ power reticulation systems, operating from AC bulk supply mains via AC-DC converters.