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    Energy-efficient management of resources in container-based clouds
    Fotuhi Piraghaj, Sareh ( 2016)
    CLOUD enables access to a shared pool of virtual resources through Internet and its adoption rate is increasing because of its high availability, scalability and cost effectiveness. However, cloud data centers are one of the fastest-growing energy consumers and half of their energy consumption is wasted mostly because of inefficient allocation of the servers resources. Therefore, this thesis focuses on software level energy management techniques that are applicable to containerized cloud environments. Containerized clouds are studied as containers are increasingly gaining popularity. And containers are going to be major deployment model in cloud environments. The main objective of this thesis is to propose an architecture and algorithms to minimize the data center energy consumption while maintaining the required Quality of Service (QoS). The objective is addressed through improvements in the resource utilization both on server and virtual machine level. We investigated the two possibilities of minimizing energy consumption in a containerized cloud environment, namely the VM sizing and container consolidation. The key contributions of this thesis are as follows: 1. A taxonomy and survey of energy-efficient resource management techniques in PaaS and CaaS environments. 2. A novel architecture for virtual machine customization and task mapping in a containerized cloud environment. 3. An efficient VM sizing technique for hosting containers and investigation of the impact of workload characterization on the efficiency of the determined VM sizes. 4. A design and implementation of a simulation toolkit that enables modeling for containerized cloud environments. 5. A framework for dynamic consolidation of containers and a novel correlation-aware container consolidation algorithm. 6. A detailed comparison of energy efficiency of container consolidation algorithms with traditional virtual machine consolidation for containerized cloud environments.