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    Analysing the interplay of location, language and links utilising geotagged Twitter content
    Afshin, Rahimi ( 2018)
    Language use and interactions on social media are geographically biased. In this work we utilise this bias in predictive models of user geolocation and lexical dialectology. User geolocation is an important component of applications such as personalised search and recommendation systems. We propose text-based and network-based geolocation models, and compare them over benchmark datasets yielding state-of-the- art performance. We also propose hybrid and joint text and network geolocation models that improve upon text or network only models and show that the joint models are able to achieve reasonable performance in minimal supervision scenarios, as often happens in real world datasets. Finally, we also propose the use of continuous representations of location, which enables regression modelling of geolocation and lexical dialectology. We show that our proposed data-driven lexical dialectology model provides qualitative insights in studying geographical lexical variation.