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    All I Want To Know Is Who I Am: Archival Justice for Australian Care Leavers
    Evans, J ; Golding, F ; O'Neill, C ; Tropea, R ; Wallace, DA ; Duff, WM ; Saucier, R ; Flinn, A (Routledge - Taylor & Francis, 2020)
    Joanne Evans, Frank Golding, Cate O’Neill, and Rachel Tropea recount Australian Care Leavers’ struggle for archival justice in the form of access, and the role of archival and recordkeeping professionals in both furthering and frustrating that struggle. While asserting a professional obligation to participate in a movement towards equity in records and recordkeeping, they observe the profession’s lacklustre collective response and rightfully question the extent to which archival and recordkeeping regimes embedded in existing power structures can meet the needs of the Care Leaver community. This theme appears throughout chapters concerning public records, particularly those produced in the course of systematic dispossession. Using Barbara Klugman’s framework to evaluate social justice advocacy, the authors assess the potential of the Australian Government’s Find and Connect program to further social justice.