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    Volunteers in Australian archives
    de Villiers, A ; Laurent, N ; Stueven, C (ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 2017-01-01)
    Why do volunteers choose to contribute thousands of unpaid hours per week to Australian archives? This paper presents the results of a nationwide web survey that provides insight into the demographics, motivations and experiences of volunteers in Australian archives. The findings provide a representative overview of formal volunteers in Australian archives, determining ‘who’ they are, the value of the contributions they provide and the level of training and support offered to them. This study is a continuation of existing discussions about volunteers in Australian archives and represents an opportunity for the development of stronger relationships with Australian archival volunteers and, through them, the communities our archives serve.
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    Emotional Labor and Archival Practice - Reflection
    Laurent, N ; Hart, M (Society of North Carolina Archivists, 2018)
    This reflection piece is based on the talk given by the authors at the Society of North Carolina Archivists (SNCA) conference in March 2018. They spoke on the topic of emotional labour and archival practice, discussing the effects that exposure to records with potentially traumatising content can have on those working with archival materials. Below they discuss the content of the presentation and reflect on the feedback and responses they received at the time.
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    Archivists as amanuenses (scribes) of Indigenous knowledge
    Laurent, N (Liverpool University Press, 2019-04-01)
    This article uses the Return, Reconcile, Renew: understanding the history, effects and opportunities of repatriation and building an evidence base for the future project as a case study to explore the collaborative relationship between the eScholarship Research Centre and the community partners, representative organizations of the Ngarrindjeri, the Torres Strait and the Kimberley Indigenous communities. Drawing on interviews with Return, Reconcile, Renew project archivists, it explores archival issues – across the four themes of collaboration, space, time and place, neutrality and access – relating to Indigenous cultural heritage and working with Indigenous communities to make materials and knowledge accessible in culturally appropriate ways. Within the context of community rights to cultural knowledge, this paper will discuss the ongoing obligations of organizations working with Indigenous communities and records.
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    A trauma-informed approach to managing archives: a new online course
    Laurent, N ; Wright, K (Informa UK Limited, 2020)
    This article discusses the development of a new online training course, A trauma-informed approach to managing archives, for the Australian Society of Archivists. It outlines why such a course is needed, who its audience is, and provides a brief overview of what is covered. Trauma is pervasive and affects everyone, and this course provides information and training materials about what this means for archives and how archivists can better support people having a trauma reaction. It introduces the concept of trauma-informed practice, expands on that notion to outline what trauma-informed archival practice may look like, and also discusses vicarious trauma and the impacts this may have on archives workers. The article provides information about when the course will be available, and how people will be able to access the course.