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    A tight binding and (k)over-right-arrow . (p)over-right-arrow study of monolayer stanene
    Jiang, L ; Marconcini, P ; Hossian, MS ; Qiu, W ; Evans, R ; Macucci, M ; Skafidas, E (NATURE RESEARCH, 2017-09-21)
    Stanene is a single layer of tin atoms which has been discovered as an emerging material for quantum spin Hall related applications. In this paper, we present an accurate tight-binding model for single layer stanene near the Fermi level. We parameterized the onsite and hopping energies for the nearest, second nearest, and third nearest neighbor tight-binding method, both without and with spin orbital coupling. We derived the analytical solution for the [Formula: see text]and [Formula: see text] points and numerically investigated the buckling effect on the material electronic properties. In these points of the reciprocal space, we also discuss a corresponding [Formula: see text] description, obtaining the value of the [Formula: see text] parameters both analytically from the tight-binding ones, and numerically, fitting the ab-initio dispersion relations. Our models provide a foundation for large scale atomistic device transport calculations.
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    Graphene Field Effect Nanopore Glycine Detector
    Al-Dirini, F ; Hossain, MS ; Qiu, W ; Hossain, FM ; Nirmalathas, A ; Skafidas, E (IEEE, 2014-01-01)