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    Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
    Mason, N ; Halgamuge, MN ; Aiyar, K ; Mahmood, Z (IGI Global, 2021)
    In financial trading, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin use decentralization, traceability, and anonymity features to perform transactional activities. These digital currencies, using the emerging blockchain technologies, are forming the basis of the largest unregulated markets in the world. This creates various regulatory challenges, including the illicit purchase of drugs and weapons, money laundering, and funding terrorist activities. This chapter analyzes various legal and ethical implications, their effects, and various solutions to overcome the inherent issues that are currently faced by the policymakers and regulators. The authors present the result of an analysis of 30 recently published peer-reviewed scientific publications and suggest various mechanisms that can help in the detection and prevention of illegal activities that currently account for a substantial proportion of cryptocurrency trading. They suggest methods and applications that can also be used to identify the dark marketplaces in the future.
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    New Era in the Supply Chain Management with Blockchain: A Survey
    Alvarado, J ; Halgamuge, M ; Ponnambalam, SG (IGI Global, 2019)
    The results show that transparency and auditability, security and indelibility, and distribution and sustainability are the key attributes of blockchain-based solutions in 56% of the articles reviewed. These three aspects represent the foundation of blockchain technologies which may contribute positively to improve supply management processes. Moreover, immutability, tracking and tracing, and smart contracts are also included in nearly a third of the cases. Moreover, efficiencies and costs through this technology would reduce the costs in payment of intermediaries, reduce paperwork, and help in the shipment of physical documents. Supply chain plays a critical role in the global trade and urgently needs to reassess its models in searching for greater efficiencies. Moreover, better results in visibility across the chain will increase trust for the customers and all interested parties. Secure transactions, strong security mechanisms that prevent fraud and illegal practices, could be achieved through the blockchain.