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    Physical-Layer Security in Full-Duplex Multi-Hop Multi-User Wireless Network With Relay Selection
    Atapattu, S ; Ross, N ; Jing, Y ; He, Y ; Evans, JS (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2019-02)
    This paper investigates the relay selection (RS) problem for multi-hop full-duplex relay networks where multiple source-destination (SD) pairs compete for the same pool of relays, under the attack of multiple eavesdroppers. To enhance the physical-layer security, within a given coherence time, our objective is to jointly assign the available relays at each hop to different SD pairs to maximize the minimum secrecy rate among all pairs. Two RS schemes, optimal RS and suboptimal RS (SRS), are proposed for two-hop networks based on global channel state information (CSI) and only SD pairs CSI, respectively. Since all users can communicate within the same coherence time, our joint RS schemes are important for the user-fairness and ultra-reliable low-latency communications. To evaluate the performance, the exact secrecy outage probability of the SRS scheme is derived under two residual self-interference models. The asymptotic analysis shows that the SRS scheme achieves full diversity. A relay-based jamming scheme is also proposed by using unassigned relays for user communications. Finally, the two-hop RS schemes and the analysis are extended to the general multi-hop network with multiple eavesdroppers. The numerical results reveal interesting fundamental trends where the proposed schemes can significantly enhance the secrecy performance.