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    A study to identify risk factors in the aetiology and cause of traumatic spinal cord paralysis
    Toscano, Giuseppe ( 1986)
    This thesis is primarily concerned with determining: I. Primary and Secondary risk factors in traumatic spinal cord paralysis. (a) PRIMARY RISK FACTORS are those factors which predispose an individual to develop traumatic spinal cord paralysis. (b) SECONDARY RISK FACTORS are those factors which determine prognosis from time of injury to the time the patient is admitted to the emergency room of the Spinal Injuries Unit. II. Developing a preventive programme based on the elucidated Primary and Secondary risk factors. All patients who sustained significant spinal cord injuries in Victoria or within 25 kilometres of the Victorian border who were admitted to the Victorian Spinal Injuries Unit, Austin Hospital during the study period (1st March 1983 to 28th December 1984) were included in the study.