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    Gastrin-mediated adaptive responses to hypoxia in colorectal cancer
    Westwood, David Alexander ( 2014)
    Over the past two decades the potential biological activities exerted by gastrin precursors on colorectal tumourigenesis have gradually widened to include mitogenesis, apoptosis resistance, stimulation of angiogenesis and promotion of cell migration and invasion. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this plethora of biological effects are unclear. Furthermore, the interplay between gastrin precursors and the colorectal tumour microenvironment has been a relatively neglected area of gastrin research. This thesis investigates these two important areas of gastrin biology and is the first study to report that hypoxia-inducible gastrin gene expression in colorectal cancer cells mediates resistance against hypoxia-inducible cell death in vitro and in vivo and may contribute to the development of distant metastatic disease.