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    Cosmic ray measurement
    Norman, R. J. ( 1950)
    The following report embraces the work carried out by the author in the Physics Department of the University of Melbourne, from January 1948 to February 1950. It is divided into five sections: Section A. Theory and Design of Ionization Chambers. B. Continuous Recorder. C. Extensive Shower Apparatus. D. Polar Continuous Recording Rack. E. Design & Construction of the Electrodynamic Electrometer. The records and apparatus described in Section B , together with the first electrodynamic electrometer, were a total loss in the hut fire. The original version of the extensive shower apparatus, the project of J.R. Prescott, was also destroyed, ant the author assisted in its modification and rebuilding. (From Introduction)
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    Structure and energy spectrum of cosmic ray showers
    Norman, R. J. ( 1956)
    Since the joint discovery by Carmichael (1948) and Williams (1948), that the majority of the bursts occurring in their shielded ionization chambers had been produced not by air showers but by nuclear disintegrations, and following the segregation of thes disintegrations from the true showers – many experiments have been carried out to determine the later structure of air showers, both at sea level and at higher altitudes. Unfortunately, much of the work done prior to this discovery must be viewed with caution because of the possibility of a significant contribution from nuclear disintegrations. (From Introduction)