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    Distributed Matrix Product State Simulations of Large-Scale Quantum Circuits
    Dang, Aidan ( 2017)
    Before large-scale, robust quantum computers are developed, it is valuable to be able to classically simulate quantum algorithms to study their properties. To do so, we developed a numerical library for simulating quantum circuits via the matrix product state formalism on distributed memory architectures. By examining the multipartite entanglement present across Shor’s algorithm, we were able to effectively map a high-level circuit of Shor’s algorithm to the one-dimensional structure of a matrix product state, enabling us to perform a simulation of a specific 60 qubit instance in approximately 14 TB of memory: potentially the largest non-trivial quantum circuit simulation ever performed. We then applied matrix product state and matrix product density operator techniques to simulating one-dimensional circuits from Google’s quantum supremacy problem with errors and found it mostly resistant to our methods.