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    Background estimation studies for hadronically decaying tau leptons at the ATLAS experiment
    Zhang, Xuanhao ( 2018)
    This project aims to develop a data-driven technique for the estimation of the dominant background contribution in the inclusive search for new physics signals where equally charged lepton pairs are featured in the final state and where an hadronically decaying tau lepton can be found in a pair. The studies presented in this thesis were performed with data collected by the ATLAS experiment. A data driven technique has been developed for the abundant background of jets originated from the hadronisation of quarks or gluons which are mis-identified as hadronically decaying tau leptons. Mis-identification weighting factors have been measured for the extrapolation of this background into the signal region of the analysis and have been validated using a selection independent with respect to the the signal region. Systematic uncertainties have also been estimated. The work presented in this thesis will be incorporated in a general extrapolation technique within the ATLAS experiment aiming to be used by all ATLAS searches featuring hadronic tau decays in the final state.