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    Ecological Games: Mould Racing
    Roudavski, S ; Holland, A ; Rutten, J (TRANSnational STS: Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Conference and Exhibition, 2018)
    This work contributes to architectural, urban and landscape design by constructing an analytical narrative of site exploration through a locative mobile game. This contribution is important because data- or precedent-driven analysis of complex sites is insufficient for the purposes of ecological design. Seeking to alleviate this situation, the project asks whether complex sites can be better understood through embodied and situated interactions with computational simulations. We hypothesize that such simulations can be useful for design because they can deepen designers’ understandings of the environment, encourage creative participation, and expand the repertoire of design methods.
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    Mould Racing
    Roudavski, S ; Holland, A ; Rutten, J (Mould Racing: Workshop 1, 2016)
    Can a complex site, such as an urban park, be better understood through a game? Might this playful preparation be useful for design? In response to such questions, this project structured design-oriented site research as a development, implementation and deployment of a locative mobile game in which designers learn by racing colonies of virtual organisms. The analysis of this experiment demonstrates that this approach can support creativity and provide benefits compatible with goals of ecological design.