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    Epitome and translation with commentary of Kad?n Sorunu (The status of women) by Necla Arat
    Aydin, Meral ( 1991)
    The status, achievements and problems of women have been examined comprehensively in recent years by numerous research projects, conferences and seminars globally. As it was indicated in the introduction of the book entitled "Kadin Sorunu" (The Status of Women) which is the subject of this thesis, the author Dr. Necla Arat who was then a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy of Istanbul University has done minor research and expanded it as a printed text with the abovementioned title. Though the book was written in 1975, due to various reasons and difficulties, it was published in 1980, revised and, enlarged edition was printed in 1986 (Say Yayinlari, Istanbul). The first edition had aroused a great deal of interest, it was criticised in positive and negative ways, such as a "complete political booklet", "a study of democratic leftists and progressives that reflect the contradictions of the Republican era woman". The author expresses her satisfaction with the outcome of her work, her book has not faded away in silence. She insists in her book that it is the responsibility of women themselves to defend vigorously their rights. Dr. N. Arat has published a number of books and translated some texts. Presently, she is the head of the Department for Women's issues of Istanbul University. A. Language B. Women and social change in Turkey C. Islam The text has three parts. Part I is an account of Western feminism and the struggle for women's emancipation. The author contributes valuable data on the historical background of the emancipation of Western women and the status of women before Islam. However, the other parts of the text which examine women under the influence of Islam and in the Republican era require comment.