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    The international baccalaureate in Australia
    Bagnall, Nigel ( 1991)
    This study includes a brief historical sketch of the development of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and a survey of the ten schools that currently offer the International Baccalaureate within Australia. The purpose of the research project is to; 1. describe the historical and philosophical background of the IB including the way in which the IB has developed within the context of the international schools movement throughout the world. 2. discuss the status of the IB within Australia. The analysis of the questionnaire on the IB draws together the major concerns about the implementation of the IB in the Australian setting. The concluding section of the project makes a number of suggestions for further research in Australia. These include; 1. a study of the students taking the IB within Australia. 2. the second language requirement of the IB. 3. an evaluation of the assessment methods of the IB. 4. the curriculum of the IB. There is very little research that has been done or is underway on the IB. The need for research is urgent and the opportunity for this research is almost limitless.