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    Agency and communion in science teaching
    Bester, Tony ( 1991)
    The construction of the concept map assumes that the more closely two concepts are related in a person's cognitive structure, the more closely they will be placed on the concept map. In this research the Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling technique using ALSCAL (Alternating Least Squares Scaling) is used in the analysis of the concept map data, derived by surveying teachers from three different groups. Group 1 consisted of practicing teachers from a non-science background who taught Health and Human Relations. Group 2 consisted of Diploma of Education student teachers whose methods were Science and had completed their course though were not yet practicing teachers. Group 3 consisted of practicing teachers from a science background who taught Health and Human Relations. The results provide a basis for discussing the wisdom of practice, the maxim which provides reflective rationalization for the practices of able teachers. In this study, the wisdom of practice has been described with a focus on the responsibility of care. The findings of this study have confirmed those of earlier studies, in that it is apparent that experienced able teachers use their knowledge of what works in the class to organize their instruction. However, just what works is seen to depend on the subject the topic is taught in, as well as any perception of the subject held by teachers, students and the community. Teachers from each of the three Groups were able to organize their concept maps and provide satisfactory support material from transcribed interviews to indicate that the conceptual relations seen in the tension which exists between the concept of care and the concept of the academic is able to be described quantitatively.