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    Curriculum policy in the crucible of change: implementing curriculum policy (the Curriculum & Standards Framework) in state schools in Victoria in a time of rapid change, 1995 to 1999
    Murray, Richard G. ( 2001)
    "When I became Minister for Education, there was no common curriculum for Victorian schools for students in years Prep through 10. In effect, schools taught what they liked." This was Minister Don Hayward's view of what he found when he became Minister for Education in Victoria in 1992. His response was a sweeping reform of Victorian education which included the Curriculum and Standards Framework. This thesis examines the question, "What factors affect the ways in which the Curriculum and Standards Framework (CSF) has been implemented in Victorian state schools since 1995?" It presents findings which indicate that teachers in schools did not wholeheartedly embrace the CSF as a curriculum policy. The perceptions, attitudes and actions of teachers have significant effects upon the Victorian Government's desire to reform education in line with national and international trends towards outcomes-based curricula and as part of a move to centralised control of curriculum which paralleled a movement to the devolution of control of resources within the Schools of the Future initiative. The attitudes, perceptions and actions of the teachers in the schools in the study are seen to have lessened the effectiveness of the implementation of the CSF in those schools. Drawing upon the work of a number of authorities on the implementation of public policy, the study reveals the success of the implementation of the CSF to be mixed. The study further reveals lessons which, if learned from the implementation of the CSF in its first form, will be useful in the implementation of CSFII from 2001 and in the implementation of other curriculum policies in the future.