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    The role of the assistant principal
    Abbott, Jon ( 2002)
    Leadership in schools is a topic that has received much interest from researchers over a long period of time. Studies both overseas and within Australia have provided excellent material about many aspects to do with leadership within schools. In the school situation, leadership does not merely pertain to the role of the principal and there are many other roles within schools that require some or all of the aspects of leadership. These may include roles such as: principals; Assistant Principals; level coordinators; faculty heads; junior, middle and senior school heads; subject area coordinators; and a host of other roles where people are responsible for the direction and supervision of others. Traditionally, leadership is seen as being vested mainly in the principal but I would like to investigate another area where individuals have the opportunity to display leadership within schools; the position of Assistant Principal. What does this role entail? How much authority does an Assistant Principal hold? Is the role a 'proving ground' for a principalship? How do others perceive the role of an Assistant Principal? What factors impact on the satisfaction an Assistant Principal gets from their role? How does the relationship between assistants and principals work and how does this impact on job satisfaction for assistants? This study hopes to investigate the above questions in an attempt to understand this leadership position within the school setting and to compare the available research with the findings from the study conducted. It is intended that a qualitative approach will be used to collect the data required for this thesis.