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    The intrinsic and extrinsic connection of reading towards academic success
    Horbec, Dragica Deb ( 2011)
    This qualitative study explores the impact that reading has had on the lives of two female students who have attained exemplary results in their final year of high school. Both students were academically successful in completing their Victorian Certificate of Education. One of the participants was awarded the Dux of the school while the other participant was the second highest achieving student in the VCE cohort at their school. The students attended a girls' Catholic College which is situated in the inner North West of Melbourne. In this comparative case study, semi-structured interviews have been employed to delve into the reading practices of these two high achieving students. The analysis of the interviews provided data rich information which highlighted several essential themes explored in this thesis. The focus of this study is to explore the following main areas: how reading links to academic success, how students perceive reading in helping them achieve academic success and what other factors related to reading can be associated with students' performance. Reading is seen to be the core of both students' lives and how it interconnects and weaves a journey of academic success is explored in this study.