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    An analytical survey of percussion education at the immediate pre-tertiary level
    Barber, Bruce ( 1989)
    The standard of music education for players of percussion instruments appears to be deficient when compared to that of players of other musical instruments. Research has been conducted amongst students of percussion with the purpose of identifying characteristics which may suggest the need to adopt particular teaching strategies to address problems related to educational background. A profile of percussion students at the Box Hill College of TAFE Music Department refers to such matters as age, educational background, musical training and experience, learning skills and achievement. This profile is presented along with an analysis of some learning difficulties and problems encountered by students and the strategies adopted to address those problems. The role of published materials used in percussion teaching at Box Hill College of TAFE and the rationale for the writing of further tuition material is discussed. The content and context of the instrumental lesson and curriculum models which pertain to instrumental tuition form a large part of the study. The role of the teacher in the instrumental lesson is seen to include functions which go beyond the immediate processes of skill and knowledge development into the realm of personal growth and development. An essential aspect of skill development for musicians is the daily practice programme. The aims of practice, the motivation to practice and the materials and organisation of practice are all examined together with related problems experienced by students and the strategies used to address such problems. Percussion tuition, traditionally having been conducted outside the mainstream of music teaching institutions, is now seen to be most effective when conducted within the context of a comprehensive music education programme. Students of percussion clearly benefit from a course of study which includes not only percussion tuition but also aural and theoretical training, the study of music history, composition and practical experience in performance ensembles.