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    The need for improved forms of conceptual models in Geographical Information System development
    Williamson, Ian P. ; Hunter, Gary J. ( 1991)
    While numerous books have been published in the past two decades on the subject of information system development methodologies, it is now recognized that these techniques need modification to suit the peculiar nature of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). However, regardless of how system development life-cycles might be varied to suit GIS, the use of models remains a common feature of the development of any information system. It is argued that high-level conceptual models, as used in the initial system evaluation phase, are perhaps the most important type of model in terms of providing an overall picture of what the system is designed to achieve -- yet they remain the least understood. The aim of this paper is to provide a greater understanding of their role and purpose and to highlight their importance in effective GIS development and implementation. Suggestions are also made for improving the form and content of conceptual models so that their meaning becomes clearer
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    Implementing LIS/GIS from a customary land tenure perspective: the Fiji experience
    Rakai, Mele E. T. ; Williamson, Ian P. ( 1995)
    This paper briefly reviews Fiji's national land information system (LIS) strategy and the major land and geographic information systems (LIS/GIS) initiatives that have been under way in the major government organisations in Fiji up to April 1994. It also describes and attempts to examine the impact that these initiatives have had on the people who continue to live under Fiji's customary land tenure systems.