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    Adding dimensions to information: GIS for the divisions of General Practice setting
    Escobar, Francisco J. ; Williamson, Ian P. ; WATERS, ELIZABETH ; Green, Julie B. ( 1998)
    With the rapid increase in uptake of information technologies in the health sector, and with concurrent trends in the need to be able to quantify health outcomes, the demands for access to information about a population and health services at a given location has increased. The Geographic Information Systems for General Practice Project was a pilot study in Victoria whereby a GIS was developed for use in the primary health care setting on whose areas the data was collected. This paper discusses the methodology adopted in the project and describes the implementation of the system on the Internet environment. Two different web sites have been prepared for use on the Internet, with access to data contingent on the user population. The practical application of the GIS in the field, and issues relating to evaluation of its utility in the primary care setting are detailed in this paper.
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    Use of the Internet in the diffusion of GIS for General Practices in Victoria, Australia
    Escobar, Francisco J. ; Williamson, Ian P. ; GREEN, JULIE ; WATERS, ELIZABETH ( 1998)
    This paper describes the delivery of a Geographic Information System (GIS) product through the Internet for primary health care services provided at general medical practices in the State of Victoria, Australia. The paper details a collaborative research project whose principal aim was to develop a methodology for creating a GIS as a decision support system, for more effective use of information about population and health services at a given location. The methodology employed is based on the ability of a GIS to establish interrelationships between a combination of health, geographic and demographic data. An overview is given of GIS as a technology which allows geospatial data to be analysed, displayed and queried. The results of the project can be demonstrated through a live presentation, detailing specific and generic reasons for the choice of the Internet as the preferred delivery mechanism. The paper concludes with the identification of important issues related to the research and the use of the World Wide Web for Geographic Information Systems and Health.