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    Groundwater Quality Hydrogeological Assessments
    Lane, Mr Anthony ; Leonard, Mr John ; Weaver, Dr Tamie R ( 1999)
    Groundwater is a vital resource in Victoria. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and other authorities recognise the need to protect the quality of groundwater as a resource and as part of the natural environment. Hydrogeological Assessments (HAs) is one of the tools used to provide the information necessary to determine the status of groundwater quality or the effects of a proposal on the beneficial uses of groundwater. For example, a proponent of a new landfill or industrial development with potential to impact groundwater is likely to be required to perform a HA. The HA guidelines that have been published by EPA (EPA publication 668) provide an overview of HA methodologies, and the reasons for using different investigative techniques. The document presented here is a background document. It was commissioned and funded by the EPA; however it was never published by EPA. Instead, this document formed the basis for development of the guidelines, Hydrogeological Assessments (Groundwater Quality) Guidelines, published by EPA in August 2006.
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    Poorly defined boundaries of a nebulous frontier
    Park, M. M. ( 1999-06)
    The disappointed reviewer concludes that this text, one of the fewcovering GIS and law, does not live up to its promise and certainly doesnot justify the price asked. The recommendation is for intendingpurchasers to consider competing texts or await the publication of asecond edition that has not been deprived of the care that a book on thisimportant subject matter deserves.