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    Current status and opportunities of hydrogen production from biomass
    AYE, L (ANZSES Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society, 2003)
    This paper investigates the current status of hydrogen production from biomass via thermal gasification and steam reforming and future opportunities. The current cost of central hydrogen production via this technology is found to be US$ 25/GJ HHV (US$ 3.6/kg H2) which is about two times more expensive than the current gasoline production cost for the same energy content. Further cost reduction opportunities exist with the integration of waste biomass (such as organic fraction of municipal solid waste, sewage, animal manures, forestry and agricultural residues) disposal.
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    Simulation study of a down-draft wood gasifier used to produce thermal energy for tea drying
    Jayah, T ; Aye, L ; Fuller, RJ ; Stewart, DF (ANZSES Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society, 2000-11-29)
    A detailed computer model has been developed using the physical and chemical phenomena in gasification for a down-draft biomass gasifiers. The model has been used to investigate the effects of operational and design parameters on reactor performance in terms of the composition of the output gas and the hot gas efficiency. The results obtained from the simulation study are the effects of fuel moisture content, particle size, feed rate, reactor load and capacity on hot gas efficiency. The model has been validated using experimental data available in the open literature. The hot gas efficiency of a particular down-draft throated gasifier designed to generate thermal energy for tea drying is predicted to be approximately 86%.