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    3D data sourcing for land and property information: a geometric and semantic perspective
    JAZAYERI, IDA ; RAJABIFARD, ABBAS ; Kalantari, Mohsen ( 2013)
    Population growth has prompted land administrators to re-evaluate the current land development cycle, incorporating the third dimension to enable a more complete and effective property registration system. This research, which centres on the 3D data sourcing methods, has suggested a set of data sourcing requirements. It is envisaged that the culmination of legal entities together with the geometric and semantic components of our cities in a 3D environment will enable a more complete and effective land and property information registration system that will in turn ultimately help decision-making processes in our governing bodies to better manage economic development and build sustainable communities. Focussing on two of these requirements (geometric and semantic) an investigation on data acquisition techniques is discussed. Implementation of UAV data is suggested as an effective data sourcing method, particularly for developing countries and poverty stricken areas, where low cost is critical.