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    3D land and property information system: a multi-level infrastructure for sustainable urbanisation and a spatially enabled society
    Urbanization is an inevitable part of the economic development process for any country and is considered a global phenomenon (World Bank, 2009). Currently, 50 percent of the world’s population resides in urban areas; by 2050, this ratio will reach 70 percent. This concentration of growth will place increasing pressure on land resources that are already in high demand. The achievement of sustainable development goals is therefore predicated on achieving sustainable urbanization. This paper considers the specific challenges of urbanization on land and property and the development of a three‐dimensional (3D) land and property information system as a new tool for managing rights, restrictions and responsibilities as part of a modern land administration system. This system aims to provide an infrastructure that allows for the integration of information pertaining to the built and natural environments using land and property as a common framework. By facilitating access, discovery, and sharing of land and property information, this system will provide a multi‐level infrastructure to link government, industry and citizens to support the functions of a modern land administration system which provides the foundation for realising a spatially enabled society and achieving sustainable development.