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    Spatially enabled land administration: paradigm shift in land information management
    RAJABIFARD, ABBAS ; Kalantari, Mohsen ; WILLIAMSON, IAN ( 2013)
    The administration of land is challenged by the increasing need of clients for land information and by the creation of new land related commodities and interests. In this space, spatial information and technologies can change the way business and governments manage activities and solve problems in relation to land. Much information relates to place and locations. Some of this is spatial information, but a great deal is information that can be organised according to its impact on a place. These emerging spatial technologies potentially expand the capacity of societies. They provide possibilities for ordering information that are profoundly world changing. The more difficult task involves embedding new technologies into the most conservative and fundamental processes in land information and management of the land market, particularly, into the land registries. Regardless, the opportunities provided by emerging technologies are driving changes in the way governments interact with their citizens, principally in initiatives to spatially enable their processes, as well as their information .Building on the growing need for land information and availability of spatial technologies, this paper presents two paradigm shifts in collecting and managing land information in the context of spatially enabled land administration.