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    Evidence of the k1-1 law in a high-Reynolds-number turbulent boundary layer
    Nickels, T. B. ; Marusic, I. ; Hafez, S. ; Chong, M. S. (The American Physical Society, 2005)
    Dimensional analysis and overlap arguments lead to a prediction of a region in the streamwise velocityspectrum of wall-bounded turbulent flows in which the dependence on the streamwise wave number, k1, isgiven by k 1-1 . Some recent experiments have questioned the existence of this region. In this Letter,experimental spectra are presented which support the existence of the k 1-1 law in a high-Reynolds-numberboundary layer. This Letter presents the experimental results and discusses the theoretical and experimentalissues involved in examining the existence of the k 1-1 law and the reasons why it has proved so elusive.