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    Theoretical Combustion Burn Rate Analysis (software)
    Hamori, Ferenc ( 2006-04)
    When modeling complex combustion systems in 3D, the computation time still takes at least 1 week. 2D models are also complex to implement, and at least 60 times slower than quasi dimensional models. However two-zone quasi dimensional models are fast and their accuracy/inaccuracy are well documented in literature. Predictive two-zone quasi dimensional models have been developed by just about every academic institution with an interest in reciprocating engines and certainly every major engine manufacturer involved in engine research. These in-house models are however carefully guarded and therefore are not universally available. The attached two-zone combustion program was therefore developed for people who would like to learn more about simple combustion modeling but find it difficult to get started.The program uses Microsoft Excel as a visual interface and the programming was performed in VBA (Visual Basic Application). Most of the programming modules were developed as part of a PhD program therefore references/fundamentals/methodologies to some of the modules are published in the following PhD Thesis: “Exploring the Limits of Hydrogen Assisted Jet Ignition” (link: program (with open source code in VBA) allows users to vary engine variables such as: bore, stroke, connecting rod length, compression ratio, manifold pressure, spark timing etc, as well as combustion characteristics such as combustion duration and rate of energy release controlled by the Wiebe function. The output of the results can be visualized in MS Excel and this includes: indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP), thermal efficiency, torque, power, burn duration, burned and unburned combustion temperatures, rate of NO formation etc…