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    A study of the Reynolds-shear-stress spectra in zero- pressure-gradient boundary layers
    Marusic, I. ; Li, J. D. ; Perry, A. E. ( 1989)
    Measurements of Reynolds-shear-stress spectra in smooth-wall zero-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers are presented for four different Karman numbers. The results are plotted using various scaling variables and found to collapse with 'inner-flow' scaling for a modest range of mid-range wavenumbers, the extent of collapse increasing for higher Karman numbers. The results are discussed in light of the attached eddy hypothesis of Townsend (1976)as extended by Perry and Chong (1982). A computation of the cross-power spectra, based upon the same theory, is also presented.
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    Novel methods of modelling wall turbulence
    Perry, A. E. ; Li, J. D. ; Marusic, I. ( 1988)
    Recent developments in the modelling of wall turbulence using the attached eddy hypothesis are outlined. Some first tentative attempts in forming a closure model for boundary layers developing in arbitrarily prescribed adverse pressure gradients are given. Comparisons are made with the standard eddy viscosity models.