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    Architecting leadership development through enhanced cognitive versatility
    Gandhok, T ; Sammartino, A ; Sripada, C (Sage Publications, 2020)
    Many L&D leaders are exploring a range of cutting-edge topics such as adaptive leadership, agility, mindfulness, and versatility in thinking styles as development needs for their high potentials and senior leadership pipelines. Leadership development for organisations operating in very high flux adaptive contexts needs a different model than the traditional centralised planning, command and control approach. Conventional approaches focus on one-size-fits-all external thinking stimuli, team diversity and a Western bias for conscious analytic reasoning. Organizations should also focus on (a) grooming key individuals with high cognitive versatility and (b) better tailoring their choice of external thinking stimuli, as individuals respond most effectively to stimuli that challenge their preferred thinking style. Multiple forms of intuition exist, and some slow forms should be nurtured for complex strategic thinking. Organizations in high flux adaptive contexts should strive to emphasize themes of Strategic thinking or strategy as synthesis, which leverage the brain more holistically to recognise and resolve complex patterns.