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    Using the eye as a surrogate for the brain: Imaging blood-neural barriers with fluorescein angiography
    Hui, Flora ( 2016)
    The eye allows for direct and non-invasive imaging of the vasculature. Using fluorescein angiography, this thesis explored whether blood vessels in the eye may be a surrogate for those in the brain. The vasculature in both tissues showed similar fluorescence dynamics. Systemic disruption of blood vessel integrity affected both the eye and brain, with effects in the brain lasting longer. Vascular leakage in the eye may provide information about the integrity of the vasculature in the brain.
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    Time course of retinal changes in models of chronic IOP elevation
    Hui, Flora ( 2010)
    Glaucoma is an increasingly common sight threatening disease. Our understanding of the pathogenesis requires good models for disease risk factors. This thesis refines models of chronic intraocular pressure elevation in rats. Non-invasive assessment showed evidence of widespread retinal dysfunction. It is clear that dysfunction was not solely determined by intraocular pressure, but is associated with either ocular trauma or agent toxicity. Clear methodological recommendations are provided to minimise widespread damage and thus provide improved models for understanding glaucoma.