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    The hospital south of the Yarra: a history to celebrate the centenary of Alfred Hospital Melbourne 1871-1971
    Mitchell, Ann M. ( 1972-02)
    Although this work was commissioned for the purpose of celebrating Alfred Hospital’s first one hundred years, I have made no effort to cover all of those years. I have set out: 1. To isolate the historical precedents for current hospital procedures and in particular to explore the relationship between Alfred Hospital and the State Government. This task was burdened by the scarcity of early hospital records and of research in related fields of charitable and social welfare - which emphasizes the value of rescuing the hospital’s fast vanishing past from oblivion. 2. By attention to human relationships (that constantly inconsistent element in all institutional affairs) to evoke those unique qualities which distinguish Alfred Hospital from other similar hospitals. 3. To convey what the Alfred meant to the greatest number of people associated with it. 4. To provide a useful source of reference.
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    Temperance and the liquor question in later nineteenth century Victoria
    Mitchell, Ann M. ( 1966)
    Progressive research into the temperance movement in Victoria made it quite clear that the subject could not be organised as a conventional narrative. Its wide-ranging nature led me to dispense with a formal chronology and group events according to 'idea' rather than to 'time'. The result is a series of self-contained chronologies which sometimes overlap. This aids the interpretative presentation although it has obvious limitations from the point of view of narrative.