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    Filling schemes at submicron scale: Development of submicron sized plasmonic colour filters
    Rajasekharan, R ; Balaur, E ; Minovich, A ; Collins, S ; James, TD ; Djalalian-Assl, A ; Ganesan, K ; Tomljenovic-Hanic, S ; Kandasamy, S ; Skafidas, E ; Neshev, DN ; Mulvaney, P ; Roberts, A ; Prawer, S (NATURE PORTFOLIO, 2014-09-22)
    The pixel size imposes a fundamental limit on the amount of information that can be displayed or recorded on a sensor. Thus, there is strong motivation to reduce the pixel size down to the nanometre scale. Nanometre colour pixels cannot be fabricated by simply downscaling current pixels due to colour cross talk and diffraction caused by dyes or pigments used as colour filters. Colour filters based on plasmonic effects can overcome these difficulties. Although different plasmonic colour filters have been demonstrated at the micron scale, there have been no attempts so far to reduce the filter size to the submicron scale. Here, we present for the first time a submicron plasmonic colour filter design together with a new challenge - pixel boundary errors at the submicron scale. We present simple but powerful filling schemes to produce submicron colour filters, which are free from pixel boundary errors and colour cross- talk, are polarization independent and angle insensitive, and based on LCD compatible aluminium technology. These results lay the basis for the development of submicron pixels in displays, RGB-spatial light modulators, liquid crystal over silicon, Google glasses and pico-projectors.