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    Refractive-index profiling of optical fibers with axial symmetry by use of quantitative phase microscopy
    Roberts, A ; Ampem-Lassen, E ; Barty, A ; Nugent, KA ; Baxter, GW ; Dragomir, NM ; Huntington, ST (OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2002-12-01)
    The application of quantitative phase microscopy to refractive-index profiling of optical fibers is demonstrated. Phase images of axially symmetric optical fibers immersed in index-matching fluid are obtained, and the inverse Abel transform is used to obtain the radial refractive-index profile. This technique is straightforward, nondestructive, repeatable, and accurate. Excellent agreement, to within approximately 0.0005, between this method and the index profile obtained with a commercial profiler is obtained.
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    Retaining and characterising nano-structure within tapered air-silica structured optical fibers
    Huntington, ST ; Katsifolis, J ; Gibson, BC ; Canning, J ; Lyytikainen, K ; Zagari, J ; Cahill, LW ; Love, JD (OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2003-01-27)
    Air-silica fiber 125m in diameter has been tapered down to ~15m. At this diameter, it is commonly assumed that the nanostructured fiber holes have collapsed. Using an Atomic Force Microscope, we show this assumption to be in error, and demonstrate for the first time that structures several hundred nanometers in diameter are present, and that hole array structures are maintained. The use of Atomic Force Microscopy is shown to be an efficient way of characterising these structures.