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    Refractive-index profiling of optical fibers with axial symmetry by use of quantitative phase microscopy
    Roberts, A ; Ampem-Lassen, E ; Barty, A ; Nugent, KA ; Baxter, GW ; Dragomir, NM ; Huntington, ST (OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2002-12-01)
    The application of quantitative phase microscopy to refractive-index profiling of optical fibers is demonstrated. Phase images of axially symmetric optical fibers immersed in index-matching fluid are obtained, and the inverse Abel transform is used to obtain the radial refractive-index profile. This technique is straightforward, nondestructive, repeatable, and accurate. Excellent agreement, to within approximately 0.0005, between this method and the index profile obtained with a commercial profiler is obtained.