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    Chemical Equations in the Real World
    Lines, J ; De Robbio, M ; Dechian, S ; Ashby, J ; Moylan, M (Video Education Australasia, 2009)
    The word 'chemicals' might bring to mind pools of swirling, poisonous mixtures, dangerous acids or secret formulas, but they are far more prominent in everyday life than we might first think. Very little in the physical world around us occurs without chemical reactions being involved. In this way, many of the important processes in modern manufacturing and product use can be summarised with chemical equations. This program takes an in-depth look at five common products that are in use all around us and explores the chemistry behind their manufacture and/or use, including chemical equations. Using graphics and footage from inside manufacturing plants, we see examples of how chemistry is so prevalent in the real world - and examine various reactions taking place. The products are soap, polystyrene, aluminium, paint and car batteries