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    Artist oil paints in Thailand
    TSE, NA ; Chayabutra, S ; Kamolchote, K ; Panmanee, S ; Khlungwisarn, T ; Puskar, L ; Best, SP (International Council of Museums, 2014-09-14)
    The deterioration of artist paints and paintings in Thailand’s tropical climate is unique. This paper outlines the research and production of Pradit oil paints by Thailand’s Silpakorn University, which are manufactured in collaboration with artists, researchers, scientists and conservators. Following eight years of natural ageing in Thailand and three years in Melbourne, Australia, the paint films were technically and analytically examined to identify the oil paints more susceptible to the effects of climate. Lightfastness, solubility, crack patterns, contact angle and the real time response of oil paint films to moisture identified the more susceptible paints. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) with attenuated total reflectance (ATR) and synchrotron radiation FTIR microspectroscopy (SR-μFTIR) identified the signatures associated with chemical changes in the paint films. Given the harsh climatic conditions in tropical Thailand, the integrated study aims to provide artists with a wider range of painting choices and for materials scientists and conservators to approach preservation issues in the region from a proactive, informed position.
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    Polarisation to colour transformation via nano-antenna enhanced quantum dot emission
    James, TD ; Panchenk, E ; Nguyen, TL ; Mulvaney, P ; Davis, TJ ; Roberts, A ; Faraone, L ; Martyniuk, M (IEEE, 2014)