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    Common risks in construction contracts: resolution and revision
    Simonetti, Damien ( 2020)
    This thesis explores the common risks in construction contracts and a review of the law in the relevant risk areas regarding their resolution, comments on what role standard form contracts play and could play in resolving these risks and thereby proposes revisions to terms often negotiated between parties on the same issues. The thesis also presents a comparison between AS4000-1997/AS4902-2000 and draft NCW4 released in 2019 to demonstrate and advocate how standard forms have progressed in the last 20 years in response to changing trends with more complex transactions arising. The thesis also provide some prospective from builders and developers on the common risks detailed and how those matters are generally resolved which support the overall thesis.
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    Relationship contracting for the delivery of major projects: panacea or placebo?
    THOMAS, TREVOR ( 2011)
    This research investigates a range of legal issues with relationship contracts for the delivery of major construction and infrastructure projects. Historically, such projects have been delivered using a traditional form of construction contract. Relationship contracts attempt to foster a more productive working environment by shifting from a rights based culture to one based on collaboration. This research investigates a number of potential legal issues with this approach, including: the use of agreements to negotiate; collateral contracts; estoppel; fiduciary duties; good faith; and whether the dispute resolution mechanisms attempt to oust the jurisdiction of the courts.