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    Computer generated holography in architecture
    Moore, David Nicholas (University of Melbourne, 1982)
    The references upon which this thesis is based were researched by the author. Various experimental work was under taken to gain an understanding of the subject and was presented at two seminars to discuss the thesis. In collaboration with Diffraction Physics at Royal Melbourne Institute 'off-axis', 'reflection', 'rainbow', 'focused image' and other �white light' holograms were produced. Preparatory work for producing 'composite' holograms was also begun. There are descriptions of these holograms in Chapter 2. Published Work is acknowledged by the inclusion of a reference to that work, although references are also used to indicate further sources of information for the interested reader. If a primary source of information was unavailable then the secondary source is acknowledged in the bibliography under the primary source or in the text where the original work of others is being described. The absence of references indicates that the topic under consideration was either thought to be common knowledge or that no other work on that topic was known. Where references have joint authors they are listed jointly and individually in alphabetical order. The individual listing referring to the full joint reference. The contributions of various people are specified in the acknowledgements but these people were neither involved with the overall direction of the study nor with the specific interpretation of references.
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