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    Efficacy of Parkinsong Groups for improving Communication and Wellbeing in Parkinson's Disease
    Tamplin, J ; Vogel, A ; Marigliani, C ; Baker, FA ; Davidson, J ; Morris, ME ; Mercadal-Brotons, M ; Clements-Cortes, A (World Federation of Music Therapy, 2017)
    Communication impairment is one of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, significantly impacting quality of life (Miller, 2012). Speech characteristics may include a soft, monotone, breathy or hoarse voice quality, imprecise articulation, dysprosody and dysfluency (Skodda et al., 2013). These characteristics, combined with reduced nonverbal communication, cognitive-linguistic impairment and poor self-perception of speech, make communication difficult and lead to self-consciousness, reduced likelihood to participate in conversation, and the avoidance of social interaction that requires speaking. Communication difficulties can compound issues of depression and related social isolation (Miller et al., 2006).
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    Musical memories: Connecting people with dementia and their caregivers through song.
    Clark, I ; Tamplin, J ; Lee, J ; Baker, F ; Mercadal-Brotons, M ; Clements-Cortes, A (World Federation of Music Therapy, 2017)
    Active music participation may offer benefits for people with dementia (PWD) and their family care givers (FCG) living in the community (Baird & Samson, 2015). For the PWD, this capacity to respond to music-making activities, such as singing, may facilitate reminiscence and successful social engagement (Vanstone & Cuddy, 2010). As a consequence, FCG may experience meaningful and satisfying connection with their loved one (Baker, Grocke & Pachana, 2012). Receptive music listening interventions may also assist with the management of challenging symptoms of dementia, such as agitation and anxiety, offering FCG strategies to use in the home.