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    La conversation, métaphore de l’approche narrative du counseling d’orientation
    McIlveen, P ; Creed, A ; Masdonati, J ; Massoudi, K ; Rossier, J (Antipodes in Actualités Psychologiques Collection, 2020)
    Metaphor is writ large in everyday life. In their landmark publication, Metaphors We Life By, Lakoff and Johnson (1980) argue that human cognition is constituted by language and is replete with metaphor. Indeed, thinking, speaking, gesturing, is structured by metaphorical concepts making communication near impossible without using metaphor. Metaphor abound in the language of career (Inkson, 2004). Counsellors and clients talk about bridges, ladders, cycles, stages, patterns, journeys, and stories to collaboratively make meaningful sense of the concept of career. It is impossible to create shared meaning in counselling without using metaphor to understand, deconstruct, and reconstruct ideas about career—without being on the same page, so to speak. If one accepts a radical social constructionist paradigm of personal identity as a derivation of discourse (Gergen, 1991; McAdams, 1993; Polkinghorne, 1988; Sarbin, 1986) and a dialogical theory of self (Hermans, 2006; Hermans & Gieser, 2012) and career (McIlveen & Patton, 2007) then it follows that dialogue between counsellor and client is both the process of meaning-making and substance of meaning (McIlveen, 2012, 2017). Thus, we articulate career counselling in the metaphorical frame of dialogue and conceptualise career counselling as conversations between counsellor and client. First, we overview the progenitor theory and practice of narrative career counselling which is extended to the conversation metaphor model. Second, we describe the centrality of the working alliance in career counselling, for it is in the client-counsellor relationship that dialogue and metaphor abound. Third, we introduce theory of metaphor that explicates conversation in and as counselling. Fourth, we present a method of narrative career counselling that exemplifies theoretical principles. Finally, we intend to critically arouse narrative career counselling and call for an explication of its philosophy and research into its effectiveness.