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    Pebbles, shattered glass, plastic, metal & dried grass: a research project on ritual action, experience & the everyday
    Sofo, Charles Francis ( 2012)
    This masters thesis is a reflection on two years of making, playing, walking, talking, looking and reading. I address the question: “How can I develop a project that encompasses daily activities and rituals, recognises minor phenomena, brings me into an encounter with people, objects and animals and that frames lived experience?” In addressing this question I define the artistic process as both a method of framing and as the creation of the new, a force which effects my experience of the everyday. This is influenced by the writings of Elizabeth Grosz. In my project, I employ daily rituals as a means of encountering subjects for my work. Walking is a primary strategy I use in collecting objects, images and events. I describe my methods of framing as a shifting, searching process. I describe activities and works where I have incorporated conversation into my methodology - using formal meetings as a way to create potential accidents and alliances with others. I discuss the text Profanations by Giorgio Agamben and weave it in to many aspects of my argument. In particular I relate his notion of play to my process of sculpture and performance making. I draw links from the works of Alexander Calder, Richard Serra and Gabriel Orozco to the strategies of my own project. In particular, I respond to Calder’s lightness of forms and Orozco’s engagement with transitory moments in urban/suburban environments. This document augments the presentation of my creative work. This work is an installation of materials combined from the broad-ranging activities I engaged in during the project. It includes a configuration of videos of actions and encounters, and sculptures made from steel, glass, wood and generated from material collections. It also combines elements of a more arbitrary nature, like text, photographic works and other residue from the project.