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    Bembo to Barbetta: Lutes, Lutenists and Luthiers in Cinquecento Padua
    Griffiths, J ; Cassia, C (Libreria Musicale Italiana, 2023)
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    Cifras y letras: el significado de las tablaturas
    Griffiths, J ; Esteve, E ; Griffiths, J ; Rodilla, F (Reichenberger, 2023)
    Until around 1750, more than 70,000 musical works are preserved in alternative notations to the conventional mensural. These tablatures preserve music for more than forty instruments, including the human voice. For the past almost ten years, we have conducted a research project on this alternative notation, in all its variants, from the widely accepted mainstream forms to the more idiosyncratic and little-used experiments. The extensive study has revealed what all these notations have in common. In this paper we explore the nature of tablature, the essence of its graphic system, the contemporary challenges to renewing the associated terminology, the marginalisation of tablature music from our cultural heritage, and the historiographical problems produced by the near-total exclusion of such a large repertoire from musicological thinking. What we have learned through this project is that tablature is much more than a simple notation for "playing by numbers," it is an alternative way of thinking about music and transmitting it. We have also learned the special functions of tablature, what could be written in tablature that was impossible in conventional notation, and the roles played by these tablatures in the social fabric of music, from their use as scores to facilitating the popular transmission of elite repertoires.
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    Griffiths, J ; Borghetti, V ; Shephard, T (Brepols, 2023-02-28)
    This book collates 100 exhibits with accompanying essays as an imaginary museum dedicated to the musical cultures of Renaissance Europe, at home and in its global horizons.